Short Wheel based transit van - SWB - (Small)

The Ford Transit Short Wheel base is a great van for moving most items. If you're moving home the Ford Transit will be able to take most of your items with ease. If you want even more room, upgrade to the Transit Long Wheel Base.

Van Dimensions Internal LWH: 2.24m x 1.70m x 1.53m External LWH: 4.85m x 2.40m x 2.00m Payload: 900 - 1200kg Vol.Cubic M: 8.5 Vol.Cubic Ft: 300 MPG: 30 - 40

If you’re looking to move out from a studio or one-bedroom flat, this is likely the van you’ll want to choose. In some cases, the SWB can take two people’s belongings (around 30-40 boxes) and possibly a small bed or sofa. Book now...

Long Wheel based transit van - LWB - (Medium)

The Mercedes Sprinter is a versatile van which has plenty of room for moving things. It's very popular with tradesman and couriers but is also great for moving home as it will take most house hold items easily.

Van Dimensions Internal LWH: 4.10m x 1.75m x 1.90m External LWH: 6.50m x 2.00m x 2.80m Payload: 1200 - 1500kg Vol.Cubic M: 13 Vol.Cubic Ft: 450 MPG: 25 - 30.

LWB vans like the Ford Transit van and Mercedes Sprinter are the preferred options for moving big one person flat or a two bedroom flat. While they’re not the largest vans, you can easily fit white goods (fridges, freezers), wardrobes, items of furniture including a sofa, tables and chairs and even a bed if it’s collapsible. Alongside these items, you may also be able to fit up to 20/30 boxes depending on their size and contents.. Book now...

Luton Transit Van with tail Lift (Large)

The Ford Luton Box Tail Lift van is the biggest van we offer and is superb for home removals where you have lots of stuff to move. As the Luton has a tail lift, it's easy to lift larger items into the back of the van.

Van Dimensions Internal LWH: 3.65m x 2.00m x 2.00m - External LWH: 6.50m x 2.10m x 3.15m - Payload: 1000kg - Tail Lift: 500kg - Vol.Cubic M: 15 - Vol.Cubic Ft: 600 - MPG: 25 - 30 - Passenger Seats X2

This is a pretty big van and it’s used for the vast majority of moves, big and small because of it’s easy loading bay and narrow dimensions, making it easy to get around the busier roads. It’s capable of moving a two bedroom flat or a small house with up to 45 boxes, one table and set of chairs (stacked), big sofas, two double beds, wardrobes, drawers and white goods.

What does a tail-lift do? All our Luton vans are equipped with powered tailifts. These are easy-to-use, electronic, flat lifts at the rear of the vehicle. They can carry 500kg and make the act of lifting heavy things into the load area very easy. Items such as fridges, sofas and pianos can be pushed onto the platform and lifted upto the level of the load area. Easy.. Book now...